canon capture perfect 3 (3.0 & 3.1) free download

essential for your canon scanner


Free download for the Canon scanner imageFORMULA DR-2580C

You need to install this version of capture perfect software first before you can update.

Canon website only has the update ( version 3.1.45) It is impossible to obtain versaion 3.0, Canon does not give it.

Without the original version 3.0 the scanner is useless.


Here is the software for the Canon scanner DR-2580C


Download capture perfect 3.0

Download capture perfect 3.1.45

Download driver for DR-2580c scanner


If you don't like the Canon capture perfect software for whatever reason you can also download NAPS2 (not another PDf scanner).

It works good with the Canon DR 2580c scanner. But the saving of PDF's is very slow. The canon software is very much faster.

download NAPS2