Where was this picture taken?

This picture was made in Zwolle, a city in the Netherlands about 80 miles east of Amsterdam. Zwolle is an ancient city with about 50.000 habitants. The centre has old houses and canels. It looks a little bit like Amsterdam but much smaller. In the canels are boats, peolple use them as a house. Most of the time it are old cargo boats 20-25 meters long. It is very difficult to obtain a place in the canels for a boat. There are a very limited number of places and many people want to live on the water. Prices for boat including a place on the water are sky high.

The exact location of this photo is:

GPS Coordinates.

52 degrees 30 min. 52 N

6 degrees 5 min. 50 E

At google earth you can find the satelite image.

If you type this in Google earth (like 52 30 52N, 6 5 50E) it will go to the location.