Imacon 848 scan compared to ICG drumscan.

Click mouse to see ICG drumscan results.
Click voor drumscan De 6x7 transparancy is scanned with the Imacon 848 at a resolution of 3000 dpi. Giving a result of almost 8200 pixels. The same scan on the ICG drumscanner was done at a resolution od 2400 dpi giving a result of 6700 pixels. The drum scan was upsized to match the Imacon. The difference in colour is part of the worse profiling of the Imacon. It can be better probably.


The Imacon is very sharp. Maybe sharper. (i used an unsharp mask) The problem is the blooming. At edges, white to dark transitions there is a certain halo effect. All edges seem sharper with the drumscan. The leaves of the trees are much more defined. Although the Imacon scan is very sharp, because of the halo effects everywhere the Drum scan seems twice as sharp when you compare the prints. Of course there is also a better definition in the dark areas. You can see this clearly in the dark paint of the boat.

When you see the print of the imacon it is surely a nice sharp print. Until.... until you see the Drumscan print. It is as if you draw away a fog-filter. Comparing the transparancy with the drumscan is almost a 1:1 match.

This drumscan would have been better with 3000 dpi. This was not done because of the higher cost of it. The price of this drumscan was 38 euro ($ 45)