Mamiya 7 noise removal with NEAT software

Mamiya 7 Astia 100 asa 2400 dpi no noise reduction,

Move the mouse over it to see the Neat version (sames as the right photo)

Noise reductie in Neat software. Noise 50% removed;
The left picture is without the use of NEAT. clearly a difference.

The Fuji Astia has very little grain but at 100% still a lot of detail is lost in the grain. Especially surfaces like glass or cars become much better. Sometimes hidden details show up much clearer. Example hereboce is the glass of the windows of the building and the car. The rusty marks on the black body of the boat show up much better. Of course neat must be used with care. I always use a maximum of 50% noise removal (setting remove half of noise). So a little bit of grain remains and not much detail is lost.

Noise reduction seems to be a good solution to get more out of film. However, when you want to remove too much grain, set it to 100% the image looses some detail and becomes too smooth. As you can see with 50% there is almost no problem with this. Neat can also sharpen the image. When you only sharpen the high frequencies the artifacts are minimal.